Mass Art Auction Opening Reception

My husband and I stopped by the Mass Art Auction opening reception last night. It was amazing to see the walls covered from top to bottom with so much terrific artwork. And there's an impressive array of wonderful art in the Live Auction - big beautiful pieces by Shepard Fairey, Lorna Simpson, Kara Walker, Rachel Perry, Mark Dion, Bill Thompson (to name a few) as well as two local friends, Jane Maxwell and Barbara Bosworth. Barbara teaches at Mass Art and was in the bird show I curated last year at Concord Art. And I met Jane many years ago when I was still writing books about collage and mixed media for Rockport Publishers. She shows with the wonderful Susan Lanoue

We walked around the show with Abigail Ogilvy, who then had to rush off to a meeting at the MFA. We decided to grab dinner in Central Square and I even managed to squeeze in a quick art supply run just before the store closed while Jim searched for parking. I lugged my giant bucket of gesso to Central Kitchen, where we had dinner at the bar. A perfect evening! 

True North on the walls at MassArt's Bakalar & Paine Galleries